Sunday, December 4, 2011

Drawing is tomorrow

We will be drawing for the iPad 2 and the necklace tomorrow evening at 6.  I will call the winner and post the name of the winner on Facebook and here on my blog.  Good luck to everybody who purchased raffles and thank you for help us out with these drawings.  We know that it is the support of our friends and family that will help us get through this adoption just as it was their strengths that we relied on during our last adoption.  We will definitely need our prayer warriors to get us through again.

We finally received our FBI fingerprint results.  Now we can continue with the home study.  Document collection continues!!  Employment verifications...check.  Physical exams... two of four done.  Once we have the other two physical exams done this week we can meet with our social worker and finish the home study.  We have verification from USCIS that they have received our application for immigration of a foreign born child for adoption.  We received the letter from the tax assessor for our proof of residence.  We went to the sheriff's office on Friday to do our fingerprints for the state police clearances and put that in the mail yesterday.   We are working on an application with a church that will accept donations for us and they will be tax free.  I will post more information on that when I have it. 

God has blessed us immensely.  It is amazing to see how God takes care of even the smallest of details.  All we have to do is invite Him in and let Him take control.  God is meeting our needs just as we need Him to.

Anthony should be home for Christmas next weekend.  We certainly are looking forward to having him home for a while.  He has a rough week ahead though.  He has finals every day, beginning with physics on Monday and ending with Calculus III and Engineering Solutions on Thursday and Friday.  If you happen to think of him this week please say a prayer for him to do well on his finals.

Alex is home from her mission trip to Africa.  She said it was a life changing week in Mozambique.  I can't wait to hear the full story of what she experienced.  I am hoping we will have some time to visit with her during the holiday season. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas season and will enjoy great times with your family.  Don't forget to remember the reason for the season.  Celebrate Jesus!!  It was God coming to Earth as a baby, living with men as a man that gave us freedom from sin.  Christmas is not about the presents, but about the presence of God. 

I will post the results of the drawing tomorrow!!

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