Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Computer problems

In case you are wondering, I have not dropped off the face of the earth.  My laptop is in the shop.  One of my boys accidentally stepped on the charging cord while it was plugged in and pulled the charging port out of the laptop.  It will be a few days still before I will get it back.  I am borrowing m son's computer now to try to catch up on some things.

As for what's going on.... way too much!!! We are getting ready for school to start here soon, which involves trips to the doctors for eye exams, new glasses, updated vaccinations, registration for school, shopping for supplies and any other things needed before school starts. The first day of school here is August 7th so we don't have too much more time to prepare.  We still have dental appointments, medical exams, and a GI doctor appointment.

In addition to all of that going on we have discovered that bats are living over our carport so we are having them extracted this week.  We have to move Anthony out of his apartment by the 31st and bring his stuff home for about one week and then move it back up to get him set up in another apartment.  Alex has started Massage Therapy school and Mark will be starting Community College soon.  So, beginning in August we will have three kids in advanced education of some sort, one in high school and one in middle school.

Misha is learning English very well.  I have been teaching him some of the basic information he will need to know right away and he is picking it up very quickly.  I will begin tailoring his language learning to his homework schedule when school starts.  I have also been teaching a friend's daughter who is close to the same age as Misha, which has been fun.  The two of them compete with each other to see who can do best, which encourages them to study more.  At first I was not certain that the sense of competition would be good for them and started to make them stop.  I didn't want one of them to develop a lack of confidence with their skills if the other really took off well, but it really has proven to be beneficial.  They have a lot of fun with it and nobody has been offended or upset with any part of it yet that I know of.  They each do well at times and miss things at times so it evens out.

Misha is still getting along with the family very well. Vernon loves to tease and play around with Misha and he just eats it up.  He loves to tease people himself and dishes out just as much as he receives.  It is particularly amusing to watch him play around with Mark's girlfriend Deana. Josh and Misha get along pretty very well also.  They really seem to be coming along with the brotherly relationship building.  At church Misha has started attending his age-appropriate Sunday School class on Sunday mornings and the youth services on Wednesday night.  His initial opinion is that the American kids are crazy, but I think he will enjoy the more upbeat younger style of worship soon.  I am really praying he will make good friends who will encourage him and help him feel that he fits in.

I have been incredibly blessed with a very full life surrounded by people I love.  Even when things are so crazy I know that it is all blessings.  God is good!!

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