Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We have been really busy so I haven't had much time for updating the blog.  Vernon and I took a much needed weekend away to the beach with some friends.  We had a wonderful time!!  The next weekend we went to see my parents and my brother who is back from Afghanistan.  I am so proud of my family, all of my family.

We haven't made too much progress on the adoption as of date.  We have met with our social worker and started the home study.  Our fingerprints that are required for the home study have been done.  We are making plans for our fundraisers.  Currently we are selling World's Finest Chocolates for $2 each; collecting gold and silver jewelry from people who are interested in donating it to be melted down and have us colect the market value for the gold and silver; and selling tickets for a spaghetti lunch for later this month.  Fundraisers in the works include christmas ornaments (let me know if you might be interested in ordering some christmas ornaments so I will have an idea of how many to order), raffle tickets for a necklace, raffle tickets for an I-Pad, considering a yard sale and maybe a coupon sale on Facebook.  We will be putting a PayPal link on the blog soon to sell these items through this blog.  If you have really good ideas for a fund raiser please send me an email or Facebook message. 

I will hopefully be able to put together another question and answer this weekend.  If you have a question you would like for me to answer please email or Facebook message me and I will answer any reasonable question.

I hope everybody is as blessed as I am and will have a great week filled with joy.  If that is not the week you are having, know that God is good and He can turn any circumstance or situation into good.

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