Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why adopt from Ukraine?

Lots of people ask us why we are adopting from Ukraine.  My only solid answer is because that is what God has called us to.  Believe it or not, we never discussed adoption as an option for us until God called us to adopt our son Josh.  We had 4 children biologically, we didn't really need more children.  After our daughter died we really thought that God had planned for us to just have the three children we were raising and the family was complete.  But God had different plans.  Once the decision to adopt had been clarified for us there was a lot of fear in bringing children into a house full of children.  What if they don't get along?  But, God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called (I don't remember where I heard that but I really do believe it).  We are no different than other parents except that we are willing to take a chance with God.  We know that God will weave all of our lives together to bring His plans into full fruition for all of us.  It is amazing to see how God works in building families.  I cannot imagine what life would be like without Josh.  I don't even want to know.  He has added so much to our lives.  I know that the child (children) that God still has for us to adopt will add so much more to our life. 

A lot of people say that since we live in America we should adopt American children.  There are just as many children from America who want and need homes and families as are in Ukraine.  I don't know the statistics of how many orphans are in each country but I am aware that children in America want a home and family too.  There are lots of children in every country on this great big beautiful planet of ours who want and need homes and families.  I really think that everyone who has a serious  interest in whether or not American children are being adopted should be praying about what God is calling them to do about it.  Not everybody is called to adopt, but everybody can help orphans in some way.  There are organizations who work with orphans and children who have been removed from a less than desirable home environment.  Those children may need mentors or foster parents or adoptive parents.  People who can't devote their time may be able to support another family who can.  So, if God has given you a passion for orphans from any country prayerfully consider what that means.

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