Monday, March 12, 2012

Dossier Submitted!!

Our translator was successful in submitting our application!!  I have been excited all day after hearing such great news!!  Now we wait to hear back from the agency on whether or not they will approve us to adopt.  If they permit us to adopt, they will set us up with an appointment to meet with them to obtain a referral to the orphanage where our daughter is.  I really am praying for sooner rather than later.  I am ready to go any time they tell me to be there.

We are updating the room that will be our new daughter's room.  I don't think it will be done by the time I leave, but I hope it will be done before I get home with her.  We are only doing things on the weekends and evenings after work so it will take a lot longer than it would if we could work on it full time.  But, it will be nice to have her come home to a nicely painted and decorated room.  Girls are more interested in how things look than the slew of boys I have at home now.  As long as the boys have a comfortable place to sleep and food to eat they could really care less about anything else.

I pray frequently that God will pour out His favor on us as we walk this journey.  God understands the intricate details of weaving families together when new members join in.  I believe that if we seek Him at all times and let Him guide us, the adjustment will progress more positively than if we try to force things to happen based on what we want and when we want it.  I pray for patience for all of us as we draw nearer to the time that all will fall into place physically and logistically, but not necessarily in place emotionally and in relationship building.  Please continue to pray for us all as we proceed into the next step of the adoption process.

Also, pray for me as I travel for the adoption.  It is unsettling to think about leaving my husband and my boys for several weeks as I am in Ukraine to complete the adoption.  We are asking God to give us favor and make our process as easy and smooth as possible.  I would really like to be home in as short a time as possible.  

Thank you for praying with me and for me and my family.  God's favor and guidance is what we seek most. 

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