Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick update

Our translator has our application!!  It has been translated and notarized.  Everything is ready for the application to be submitted to the agency.  This week has holidays Thursday through Sunday, so our translator was not able to schedule an appointment to submit on Monday, March 12th.  He is planning to go to the agency and try to submit even though he doesn't have an appointment.  Please agree with us in prayer that he will be able to do that.   Our translator will have to travel a great distance to submit and it and it would be preferable to not have to make that trip multiple times.  If he cannot submit on Monday without an appointment, he will have to schedule an appointment for the next Monday, assuming one will be available on that day.  We are praying that I can travel as soon as possible, so we really are hoping for no more delays.

Also, please be praying that the rest of the money will be available.  We are still a few thousand dollars short for the total cost.  God has called us to this and God will see us through to the completion of it.  We believe that God has the finances already set aside.  We are just praying that those will be made available to us before I get on that plane.

I will post again Monday night to let you know if our application was submitted.  Have a great weekend.

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