Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am in Kiev

Well, I am finally in Kiev.  It wasn't easy getting here, but I made it.  The first leg of my trip went great.  The plane arriving for my second leg of the trip was delayed because of weather and that threw off the entire rest of my trip.  I missed my connection to go across the Atlantic, stood in line for three hours to get my tickets reassigned, which caused me to miss three more flights that would have gotten me to where I needed to go.  Finally, the agent found a ticket through Paris that was going to Kiev and put me on that plane just in time.  With all of the changes, my luggage was nowhere to be found.  Please pray that my luggage arrives in Kiev before I leave on Friday night.  I would really like for my luggage to get here.  When my son and I came to visit last summer they lost our luggage on the trip to Ukraine and it has not yet been found.  We spent the entire two weeks here with only two sets of clothes each, one to wear and one to wash.  I hope my current luggage does not experience the same fate.  Note to those of you who will be following after me in adoption:  Pack all that you need for the first few days, to include your SDA appointment, in your carry on luggage.  I am so glad I did that this time.  Also, pack clothes that can be easily hand washed and will dry relatively quickly.  Not every apartment has a washing machine and heavy clothes take a long time to air dry.

I had intended to post on the blog over the weekend, but I simply did not have time.  I had to finish painting our daughter's room and we got about half of the floor laid down.  I did not get to finish with the dresser I was working on.  I guess Vernon or one of the boys will have to take care of that stuff for me.  I will be excited to see the finished product when I return home.

Several people have inquired about our funds.  With all that we saved, all of the fundraisers and the donations God has blessed us beyond measure.  With the exception of the plane tickets we have all of the money we think we will need.  I put my ticket on a credit card and pulled the money we had left in our adoption fund out in cash to bring with me.  If all goes as planned I am hoping to have everything covered.  Thank you so much for serving God by helping bring an orphan into a family to call her own forever.  I pray that you will each be blessed as much, or even more, than we have been throughout this adoption process.  Note to those of you working on an adoption:  Notify your bank a few weeks before you think you will be leaving that you need to have a certain amount of money in new, or at least in excellent condition.  The exchange places prefer the money to be in really good shape or they will give you a lower exchange rate and may even refuse to accept it if it is torn or messed up more than they like.

I am getting really sleepy now so I think I will go sleep off some more of this jet lag.  I hope you will all have a great day!  I will post more after we go to the SDA appointment tomorrow morning.  If you think about us say a prayer on our behalf (my appointment time is about 2:00 am Central Time zone). 

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