Thursday, April 26, 2012

SDA Success

The SDA has granted us approval to go visit our daughter in her orphanage.  There was no waiting line when we arrived at the building.  They called us right in when we got there and were immediately taken back to an office to meet with one of the agents.  I think we were her first appointment of the day.  The lady who handled our case this morning was so friendly and nice.  They pulled her file, asked a few questions, called the orphanage where our daughter lives to verify that she is there, and then agreed that we would be able to go visit her.  We will have to go tomorrow to pick up our referral papers.  Tomorrow night we will ride the overnight train to the city where our daughter lives.  Tuesday and Wednesday are official holidays in Ukraine, so the government has made Saturday a work day so people can take off Monday too.  That means, if all goes well, there is a possibility that we could get things put in place to meet our daughter on Saturday after we arrive in her city.  Please pray with me that we will have favor and everything will fall into place for us to meet on Saturday.  If that doesn't happen I will not get to meet my new daughter until Thursday, the first working day of the week after the holidays.  

Thank you for your prayers and your support.  


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