Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am in Odessa

Good morning to you all from Odessa!!  I made it here yesterday.  We dropped our bags at our apartment and then ran all day.  We had our first appointment with a social worker at 9 am, which took a while.  Then we drove to the orphanage and visited with the director and our daughter for a while.  They agreed to allow me to visit with our daughter each day through the holidays and we will resume taking care of business on Thursday.  I visited with her alone yesterday afternoon for a while.  She is full of questions and has lots of things to think about.

After that visit was finished I rode the bus downtown and met some friends at McDonald's and then more friends met us at the opera.  I have never been to an opera before so it was very interesting.  There were some really random things in a couple of scenes that really took me by surprise.  One of my friends said that it was an unusual opera and that I would find some of the really good ones much more interesting.  

I really enjoy being back in Odessa.  It is a beautiful city and the weather is wonderful for walking.  If you are ever in Ukraine this is one place you should come to visit.

I am getting ready to leave for church.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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