Monday, April 2, 2012

No appointment yet

We still have not received notification of our approval and appointment date.  It is hard to wait and wait with no information coming.  I know that all will happen in God's timing.  He is laying the path before me and I will follow that path when the timing is right.  God is never too early, and never too late.  

The finances are falling into place.  We have received donations and have saved money at every chance.  The amount we have still need is around $5,000.  Thank you so much to everybody who has given us their donations and support for the adoption.  We sincerely appreciate all that everybody is doing to help us.

We have made some progress in preparing the bedroom we are preparing for our daughter.  The carpet is out and the walls are being prepared for painting.  I have never refinished furniture before, but I am trying to do that now with an old dresser we have not been using for some time.  I hope it will be pretty and look well done when I get finished.  It certainly won't be good if it looks like very poor work when I get done.  I am learning a lot as I go along.

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