Monday, May 28, 2012

Court is Tomorrow

I found out today that Vanya was able to get the document we needed from the agency sent to him.  We will have court at 10:0 am tomorrow morning, which is 2:00 am at home.  I am getting very excited to have this next step done.  If the court approves the adoption tomorrow we begin our 10 day wait.  During that 10 days we will just be hanging out because we won't have the court decree to allow us to conduct any adoption business.

Our son was able to spend some time here at the center where I am staying.  He came here on Friday after the Last Bell ceremonies and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  We enjoyed our visit very much.  We worked on a puzzle for a little bit and then played games.  I had him sign in to Rosetta Stone for the first time.  He caught on pretty quickly to how it all worked.  he has a few words that he couldn't say well enough to suit the system but I am certain he will get the hang of it once he has time to work at it more and hear English spoken more often.  We also Skyped with the family at home.  It is kind of hard to Skype since the speakers on my laptop are not working right, but we managed to let him meet his dad and a couple of his brothers.

We went to the movies on Saturday afternoon with the kids from the center.  Men in Black 3 in 3D is funny even if I couldn't understand the words.  I will have to see it in English after I get home though so I can get the full humor of the movie.  The people in the theater were laughing sometimes when it was just spoken words so I am certain that I missed a lot.  The 3D was interesting though.

If you think about us at or before 10:00 am (2:00 at home) tomorrow morning please say a prayer that all will go well with court.  Thank you so much.

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