Thursday, May 17, 2012

He said YES to a family

I have made it to Mariupol, Ukraine.  It is a city on the southeastern side of Ukraine.  It is an industrial city that is not as large as Odessa.  I am staying at a wonderful place with wonderful people that is within walking distance to the orphanage.  I will be walking to visit with our son each afternoon when he gets out of classes.  

Yesterday was our first meeting and he was excited from the very first moment.  He desperately wants a family and has already signed his statement that he wants to be adopted into our family.  He is very sweet.  After the very first meeting he now smiles the biggest smile when he sees me and he gives great big hugs.  He is so happy.  I am so happy with him as well.  He has already stolen my heart and I am certain he will fit very well into our family.  He told me today that he will be waiting for me each day to get there for our daily visit.  He also told me that he is not the least bit afraid of going to America to begin his new life.

Things move quicker in this part of Ukraine.  We arrived yesterday and by the end of today we have already filed papers with the court.  As soon as they have the agency's signed approval we can have the court hearing.  The court hearing should be May 28th or 29th.  I am hoping it will be on the 28th since that is our wedding anniversary (23 years of marriage this year).  After court is a mandatory 10 business day waiting period.  When that is over we will have to travel to his birth city to get his birth certificate, get his passport here in Mariupol, go to Kiev to get his medical exam and visa, then process him out with immigration.  So, still lots to do but we are making good progress.  


  1. I'm on the edge of my seat here! Give him a hug from us!!!

  2. God is so good!! What a delight to read of him being so excited to see you and so confident in his decision. It is going to be awesome. He's likely in for some culture shock and a few surprises but he will have built trust in you and God will make the way in the tough times. Keep us posted and we look forward to the day you can share photos of his smiling face. Isn't it amazing what hope does to the countenance of a child? He is so blessed to have you as his new family!!

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you ALL! Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. Oh, this is so very exciting, Vicky! I knew there was a child who wanted a family and that God would lead you to him or her. Praise God! How old is he?