Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Success today

We were able to complete some business at the bank here in Mariupol and then drive to Donetsk to apply for Misha's passport today.  I consider this a good day since we got that done.  We will go to the orphanage tomorrow to work on getting Misha checked out for the last time.  This mom is happy to be checking him out and bringing him to the center with me.  The passport will not be ready until Friday or Monday.  That means we could be as late as Wednesday trying to finish up the visa.

We are now working on trying to get airline tickets home for next Thursday.  I am still waiting for my travel agent to email me to let me know if something is available for that day.  We are also trying to figure out where to stay in Kiev and when train tickets will be available to travel to Kiev.  This is our next big hurdle.  I know lots of people are enjoying the Euro 2012 competition, but I am not enjoying all of the wrenches it is throwing into our adoption process.  Traffic is jammed, places to stay are unavailable or expensive, and train tickets are scarce.  I don't know about airline tickets for sure, but I am guessing those are scarce too.  Misha and I are both very ready to go home, so we are not enjoying all of these hurdles caused by the games.  I would appreciate it if, when you are watching and enjoying the games, you could say a prayer for us as we are trying to maneuver our way through the end of our process here.

I will post again when I have more information to share.

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  1. You can fly out of Donetsk. My husband found this out. He is actually flying into a neighboring region, but we looked into Donetsk. You can also take a bus. It has nicer, bigger seats than a plane but you don't have a bed like on a train. As a last resort, you can take a taxi for about $800 US dollars I believe.