Thursday, June 14, 2012

We have airline tickets!!!

I checked Misha out of the orphanage for the last time yesterday.  It is wonderful to now have complete custody of him.  He is very happy to be here and is very ready to travel to his new home.  He keeps asking me "When will we go to Kiev??"  I can only keep telling him I do not know.  We can't travel to Kiev until we have a place to stay.  The apartments and hotels in Kiev are either booked with Euro 2012 fans or ridiculously expensive.  We have been trying to contact a couple of individuals who have offered to let us stay with them but have not yet been able to.  I hope one of those will work out so we will have a nice place to stay.

Today I received confirmation of our airline tickets having been booked.  We will be returning home on the 21st of June.  The agent was having a lot of problems getting my ticket booked because of all of the chaos of my trip here. Apparently something was done in the system that made it difficult to make the necessary changes to my tickets.  I can only praise Jesus for my travel agent who has worked so hard to get all of this straightened out for me and to get me some tickets home.  For anybody local to my area who will be making this trip soon, Travel Planners does a fantastic job of helping out with tickets.  Anita booked my original tickets, booked my ticket from Odessa to Kiev, booked our return tickets all with short notice.  If you need her information let me know and I will be happy to refer you to her.

All we have left in the process now is picking up Misha's passport, getting to Kiev to have the medical exam and get the visa issued, and then flying home.  I am so anxious to get all of this done and get home to the rest of my family and to begin finding our new normal with Misha in the family now.  He seems just as anxious, if not more anxious, as I am to get home.  He makes my heart smile!!

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